Heavy Item Specialist

Every heavy item possesses a unique set of fragile challenges. Whether it’s the item’s size, age or Route. At Extra Mile Moving, every situation is viewed with a different strategic approach to ensure a safe and protective experience for the employees and your furniture.

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Items we Specialize

Grand pianos
washers and dryers
Upright Pianos
King bed
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Extra Mile Moving's basic rule of thumb is anything that is above 6 ft tall or over 300 pounds will be labelled as a heavy or unique item. This strategic approach allows us to protect your heavy or unique items with utmost importance.

  • Examination: Each piece is examined to determine what needs to be dismantled, detached or disconnected to ensure superior safety.
  • Protection: All heavy items are fully wrapped and padded to protect from dings, scratches and breaks. (Additional protection may be needed if necessary)
  • Moving Process: Moving heavy items is a very serious process that needs time, strategy and expertise. Every hallway staircase is a unique route that our movers strategise in order to perform the relocation safely.

With every heavy piece being a unique size and situation, Extra Mile will only take on the projects that we are confident we can do safely for our movers and your furniture. 

  • Weight Limit: Extra Mile does not move anything that exceeds 2,000 pounds.

Customize Your Move

Entry way floor rugs
Reduces All types of Tracking
Included with every move
Furniture wrap
Protects Furniture from scuffs, scratches and rubs
Included with every move
Door Jamb padding
protects your door Jambs and allows movers to efficiently move items out
Included with every move
Carpet Shield
protects Carpet from Stains and Rubs
$1.00 ft
Furniture Armour
Advanced Protection for the most valuable of furniture Items
$10.00 - $25.00 Per Item
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