Local Moves

Local Moving Service

Whether you’re relocating within the neighborhood or across town, we guarantee a smooth local move for you.  Our team of local movers is dedicated to overseeing the safety of your belongings at every stage of the process.

When you choose one of Michigan’s most dependable local moving companies, you can be confident that your belongings are in capable hands. Our services go beyond simple transportation – we also handle the disassembly and reassembly of furniture. Before loading, we meticulously wrap your furniture to ensure its protection throughout the journey. Moreover, we take extra measures to safeguard your floors and front door during the move. Attempting to move your items independently risks injury and may lead to damage. Rely on our professional team for a seamless and secure moving experience. Contact us today for assistance and a free quote for our moving services.

Why You Should Hire Extra Mile Moving

When you hire a professional team of local movers, you invest in protecting your belongings. Our moving company can ensure your belongings don’t get damaged and you don’t get injured. Our team is professionally trained to move any belongings you may have. From small boxes of clothes to your dining room table, there’s no item we can’t pack and transport to your new home.

Tips for a Cost Effective Move

  • Ensure all clothing articles remain in the drawers during the packing process: Packing clothes separately from drawers is a typical inefficiency observed by our moving team. Please only remove fragile or loose items from your drawers; we are well-equipped to handle the rest.
  • Maintain a well-packed and organized environment: The most effective strategy for minimizing moving costs is to have everything meticulously organized and ready for transport. If our movers are required to handle last-minute packing or organization, it can significantly extend the move’s duration.
  • Establish clear communication with our movers: A critical factor in expediting the moving process is your active involvement. Stay with the movers, guiding where items should be placed and specifying the designated rooms for each box. This collaboration ensures an optimal and efficient moving experience.
  • Plan: Planning the move well in advance offers our movers the necessary preparation time, ensuring a secure and cost-effective transition. Early planning contributes to a smoother relocation process, allowing for careful preparation and timely execution.

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